Welcome to Peacock Farms

Our farm has been in the family since 1868. My husband and I have the privilege of being the stewards of the land for now. It will continue in the family after we are gone.

Farming has changed greatly since my great-grandfather started. His main crop was hemp, which he hauled to Dover Landing with a pair of oxen. My grandfather grew corn, oats, wheat and alfalfa. When my aunt took over the farm, she turned everything to pasture and raised cattle.

So, when it was our turn to run the farm, we basically had virgin soil. This fit perfectly with my plan to keep the land as chemical free as possible. My husband does row crops, then I have my portion to grow vegetables and fruit. We raise registered Angus cattle, chicken, peacocks, and two donkeys. We would love to have you visit the farm, go fishing or just to take a Sunday drive.

We are called the Peacock Farm because that is my maiden name. My great-grandfather Peacock came here from Virginia and started it all.

Thank you for helping us keep it going.

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